Butte County Services

Butte County services are handled by our Yreka office:

501 North Main Street
Yreka, California 96097
(530) 842-6157
Fax (530) 842-4521

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed for lunch 12:30 to 1:00 pm)

Joyce Jones, Eastern Regional Manager/Employment Development Specialist
Email: jonesee@ncidc.org

Rosie Kerr, Case Manager
Email rosebud82@ncidc.org


NCIDC Intake Form (for CSBG and Disaster Assistance): intake.ncidc.org

NCIDC Application (for WIOA and SYSP programs): WIOA.ncidc.org


Butte County Residents

The Northern California Indian Development Council (NCIDC) is pleased to announce that we will be providing the following services to qualified native households within Butte County at our Yreka office location: 501 North Main Street, Yreka, CA 96097 • 530-842-6157. Staff members are Rosie Kerr, Case Manager, email: rosebud82@ncidc.org, and Joyce Jones, Eastern Regional Manager, email: jonesee@ncidc.org.

In order to expedite your application for emergency assistance, we ask that you complete our NCIDC Intake Form online at intake.ncidc.org in its entirety, and attach all of the required documentation-documents with your online application.

The following programs are available at the Yreka NCIDC office:

CSBG Emergency Services
CSBG assistance is limited to those in need of emergency/supportive services when no other service is available.

Types of Emergency Assistance:

  • Housing assistance provided for relocation or eviction prevention.
  • Utility assistance provided for disconnection prevention, or service reconnection, or for the purchase of wood or heating fuel.
  • Nutrition assistance provided for limited food resources.
  • Supportive services provided for vocational education and employment.

CARES-COVID-19 Emergency Services
NCIDC is committed to giving any support we can in this time of crisis so we will continue our work providing services to eligible low-income Native Americans (this can include emergency rental assistance, food costs, cleaning supplies, and other emergency expenses). We are also working on setting up employment assistance for those of you who were laid off due to COVID-19.

NDWG – COVID-19 Disaster Temporary Jobs in Sterilization and Humanitarian Jobs Program
NCIDC has been awarded a contract by the California State Employment Development Department—WIOA Division (EDD). The COVID-19 National Dislocated Worker Grant is 100% Federally funded in the amount of $600,000. This grant is to provide temporary job creation and pre-job training to assist in the crisis of COVID-19 as Sterilization Technician and Humanitarian Aides for approved Tribal Governments. There are also employment and training services available for dislocated workers seeking new employment.

Fire Victim Relief Fund
This Foundation-funded program is to provide nominal monetary support for households that have been victims of the wild fires and their home was burned and have no other resources available to them at this time. Assistance will be limited to those household that are not already receiving significant financial assistance from tribal governments and/or agencies for fire disaster assistance.