Mark Clark
Posted 7/12/2018
Organization or Business name: Konkow Valley Band of Maidu Indians
Tribal Affiliation: Tribal Secretary and Nonprofit CEO
Referred by: Friend

Nice website! Michele Kiely put me on your path.

Richard Placido
Posted 7/8/2018
Organization or Business name: Placido Holdings LLC
Julie Morales Mendoza
Posted 2/28/2018
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Denise Padgette
Posted 2/11/2018
Tribal Affiliation: Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation
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Can people order online? I don’t see the option to purchase?

April Parker
Posted 2/9/2018
Organization or Business name:
Tribal Affiliation: Seneca Nation of Indians
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hello ...

Kathy Stout
Posted 2/1/2018
Tribal Affiliation: Chickasaw
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Tharren Reece Brown Sr.
Posted 12/16/2017
Organization or Business name: NCIDC
Tribal Affiliation: Yurok

Thank You!

Muriel Strand
Posted 12/6/2017
Organization or Business name:
Tribal Affiliation: French ;-)
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best wishes!

Suzanne E Atiyeh
Posted 11/12/2017
Organization or Business name: Daughter of former Oregon Gov. Victor Atiyeh
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Thank you for another wonderful Elder’s dinner. The food was perfect. The helpers were very kind and thoughtful. Everyone had a good time.
The dancing was great.
So happy to see the community is so strong.

See you next year.

Suzanne A.

Tonya Ryden
Posted 11/10/2017
Organization or Business name: NCIDC LAKE COUNTY
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I'm currently employed with NCIDC in Lake County, CA. This is an excellent employer to work for & I'm proud of the meaningful work we do as employees of this non profit organization. Thank you for the opportunity to be affiliated with such a purposeful group of hard working individuals.

Dixie L Frye
Posted 11/9/2017
Tribal Affiliation: Yurok
Referred by: Just Surfed In

NCIDC has always been there when I needed help and they are wonderful for all they do. Their workers are awesome and are on top of things.

Susan Noble
Posted 10/30/2017
Tribal Affiliation: Karuk, Hupa and Chimariko
Referred by: Just Surfed In

Born and raised here but moved away 40 years ago, just moved back and hoping to meet new and old friends.

Cheers, Susan

Lois A Whipple
Posted 10/28/2017
Tribal Affiliation: Round Valley Indian tribes, Covelo, Ca

Eddie n I have attended many yrs in your celebration. Sadly Eddie passed away in May, this yr. I'm hopeful to attend this yr. as a memory to him, as he was a proud vet. Thank you Lois A Whipple

Leslie deLong
Posted 9/11/2017
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Daisha Elizabeth Ramsdell
Posted 9/10/2017
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My name is Daisha Ramsdell, and I am excited and grateful to see all the amazing programs offered by NCIDC for the native people. I am part cherokee Indian from my grandpa on my moms side. Looking through the website ignited a curiosity to explore about the culture and heritage. Thank you again and God Bless.

Francell Armstrong
Posted 6/27/2017
Christian Ballew
Posted 5/28/2017
Organization or Business name: NCIDC

I am happy to find myself a member of an organization that has been involved in so many great things. Cheers!
- Christian

Arlene Martinez
Posted 3/20/2017
Tribal Affiliation: oneida
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Teresa Smith
Posted 2/9/2017
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Merrie Leesa Hammond
Posted 11/10/2016

I look forward to another fantastic Intertribal gathering of people of all kind. Thank you for putting this together 35 years and counting.