Michael J. Beeler
Posted 7/28/2014
Organization or Business name: Creative Resourcing
Tribal Affiliation: Consultant to the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana

I am currently in law school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I provide consulting services to tribes who need support with organizational development, fundraising and the review and writing of legal codes. I am a native of CA and plan to return to Eureka in 2016.

Posted 7/14/2014
Tribal Affiliation: northfork Mono rancheria
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Jose Garcia
Posted 7/9/2014
Organization or Business name: United Indian Nations, Inc.
Tribal Affiliation: Tohono O' odham
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Gabrielle Wilson
Posted 6/19/2014
Tribal Affiliation: Creek - Cherokee
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I would like to know about job opportunites ; I have a J.D. and would like to use my legal background to advocate for native youth in the areas of education and wrap around social services.

Thanks in advance.


Joel Moore
Posted 6/2/2014
Organization or Business name: Strategies Consulting
Tribal Affiliation: Through marriage: Swinomish and Cherokee
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Nice website.
Could not find a "Staff" category on the first page. Might be helpful for those looking for a specific individual ... or ... name of a department manager. I may have just missed it as i was looking at the website.
My best \

Kahlil Crawford
Posted 4/21/2014
Organization or Business name: Silver Leaf
Tribal Affiliation: Metis of Illinois
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"Mitakuye Oyasin" (All My Relations).

Buffy White Jimenez
Posted 2/21/2014
Organization or Business name: Robinson Rancheria
Tribal Affiliation: Pomo
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The new website looks great, keep up the good work.

Posted 1/31/2014
Tribal Affiliation: Maya, Pima, Cherokee
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Posted 1/28/2014
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I send you all good wishes from West germany . I found your Page in my Town in Google.

Posted 1/2/2014
Tribal Affiliation: Tigua
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George wilder
Posted 1/9/2013
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Looks good guys

michael moody
Posted 1/9/2013
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great oganization

tara n creed
Posted 1/9/2013
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canada goose
Posted 1/9/2013
Organization or Business name: canada goose
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Linda L Peterson
Posted 1/9/2013
Organization or Business name: Tule River Education Department
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Nice website, very informative. I can't wait to shop!

Jody Pando
Posted 1/9/2013
Organization or Business name: TENA Council
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I attended the brush dance ceremony last year. I enjoyed it very much and had hoped to attend again this year but was not able to.

Our inter tribal organization, TENA Council, organizes an annual "honoring of the elders gathering". It is held the first weekend of June.

I hope to visit your area again, and hope to someday have you visit us.

Thank you,

Jody Pando
TENA Chairman

Patsy Thompson
Posted 1/9/2013
Organization or Business name: Pit River Health Service,Inc.
Referred by:

Good Morning,
I was going through some old papers her at the office and noticed a newsletter that was from you California native food and nutrition program. I was wondering if you still did that news letter? and if so how would I go about to recieve it? Here at Pit River Health Service we have a weekly Diabetic class and I know our class would like to read it.

Nieca Wright
Posted 1/9/2013
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Saxon Roe
Posted 1/9/2013
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Geneva Olivares. Thompson
Posted 1/9/2013
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