septi pratiwi
Posted 1/6/2016
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hello Septi pratiwi introduce my name I come from Indonesia and I am a student. (URL edited out)

Pete Chester
Posted 1/5/2016
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liked the webpage, very intuitive and informative (URL removed)

Tammy Sandoval
Posted 1/2/2016
Organization or Business name: Santee School Board Member
Tribal Affiliation: Santee Sioux Nation
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<p>Interested in scholarships to help students attend college

Editor Note: I cannot post live links in the guestbook, but if you copy and paste the URL below into your browser, you will be able to scan the NCIDC scholarship info page and see if that offers any help!

Posted 12/29/2015

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Posted 11/27/2015
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G David Singleton
Posted 10/7/2015

Still a strong organization with significant impact on California's Native American community!

Denise Richards Padgette
Posted 9/25/2015
Tribal Affiliation: Enrolled Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation, chetco, Tututni, Yurok & Hupa
Clifford RomanNose
Posted 9/24/2015
Tribal Affiliation: Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma
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sonia delafuente
Posted 9/24/2015
Organization or Business name: my son is a member of paskenta nomlaki tribe
Wow,incredible blog layout.
Posted 8/16/2015
Organization or Business name: AlfredDes
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Wow,wonderful blog layout.

Dave Singleton
Posted 7/20/2015
Organization or Business name: California Indian Manpower Consortium
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Keep up the Good Work!

Cara Owings
Posted 7/8/2015
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Tribal Affiliation: Tolowa Dee-ni Nation
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I was curious as to why there is no link to access current job openings at NCIDC. The website could also host other job openings within Indian Country and assist in job search for Native workers and development.

Cara Owings

Natalie Howard-King
Posted 6/8/2015
Organization or Business name: Colorado River Indian Tribes
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It has been a journey living off the Res - good to know there are organizations who are supportive.

Mark Wachter
Posted 2/11/2015
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Lots of good information. Thanks

Posted 1/30/2015
Organization or Business name: n/a
Tribal Affiliation: karok
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Jason Hockaday
Posted 1/18/2015
Tribal Affiliation: Karuk
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Learning my language! Thanks for all the hard work put into this! Yôova!

Ben Winker
Posted 1/7/2015
Organization or Business name: Redwood Coast Energy Authority
Tribal Affiliation: My grandfather claims Apache, but unsure at this time
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Very excited by the renovation of the Carson Block building and the restoration of the Ingomar theatre

christine rose
Posted 9/27/2014
Organization or Business name: Indian Country Today
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Please subscribe me to your newsletter, particularly referencing education.

Thank you!

Dwane Brissette
Posted 8/19/2014
Tribal Affiliation: Yurok tribe
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sandra parks
Posted 8/5/2014

I have a full blooded great grandmother who was Cherokee. I also have a full blood great grandparent who was full blooded chawktaw. Me & my father searched for years to find the records to no avail. There was a fire and my great grandmother rule numbers were burned in a fire. For years we've tried. However, we gave up in the late 1990s however my father has been very sick for years and I know we both have enough native American blogs too qualify for various benefits. PLEASE CAN YOU GIVE ME GUIDANCE HOW TO DO S Thank you, Sandra Parks~Vanek. My cell is **REDACTED**



Webmaster Response:  The Bureau of Indian Affairs published a guide on this topic: