Request for Proposals

New Market and Historic Tax Credits
Consulting Services
Carson Block Building Project
Located in Eureka, CA

RFP # 03 - 102

Proposal Due Date: April 4, 2014


The Northern California Indian Development Council (NCIDC) is soliciting Requests for Proposals for the selection of a Tax Credit Consultant for the Carson Block Building Restoration (“Project”), in accordance with the terms, conditions, and requirements set forth in this Request for Proposals.

Proposals must be received by 5:00 PM (PST) on April 4, 2014; there will be no exceptions. Proposals that are faxed or received after the deadline will be deemed nonresponsive, regardless of the date of postmark. Proposals can be handdelivered or sent via USPS or courier service.

All requests for information are to be in writing via email, no responses will be relayed verbally. Questions regarding this RFP should be submitted in writing to Kathie Hamilton Gentry at Answers to questions posed will be posted in writing to for all potential bidders to read. Please check the webpage often to see if there are any responses to questions that will assist you in the development of your bid. The last day to submit questions is Wednesday, March 26, 2014 and questions will be answered no later than Thursday, March 27, 2014.

Download the .pdf file here.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.



1. Will the project (Phases 1A and 1B) enable NCIDC to rent out space that is currently vacant? In other words is a goal of this project to not only stabilize and beautify the exterior of the building, but also create affordable, improved space for small businesses?

It will enable NCIDC to rent out space that is currently vacant. We have not leased all the offices because of the impending construction so there will be some spaces available post construction. The space will be improved to a degree by virtue of the type of treatments that will be used to seismically retrofit the building. Most 2nd and 3rd floor office walls will be demolished and historic materials will be removed, cataloged and saved for reinstallation. That will require new wall treatments and paint after the seismic work is complete. Also, all flooring will be replaced as well. Offices will be improved but we will not be expanding the number of offices the building currently has. 


2. The RFP indicates the project cost for phases 1A-1B is $8,506,800 and that that you have secured sources of funding (including CDBG) equal to the cost. Does this budget include all soft costs?

Yes, the budget does include soft costs.

The project will generate significant tax credit equity. What will the tax credit funds be used for? Are you anticipating using some of the tax credit equity to refinance the $1.5 million loan? What about the balance of the tax credit equity? Will it be used for tenant improvements to attract additional commercial or office tenants, additional contingency funds, other?

At this point, our goal would be to pay off the $1.5m loan and the balance of the tax credit equity would be added to the contingency fund. Our experience with phase 1A has shown us that a building this old requires a larger than average contingency fund for unforeseen issues that are bound to arise.


3. Timing of project:  NMTCs awards are expected to be announced by the CDFI fund around June 1, 2014. The tax credit investor and CDEs would expect the project to close by Fall 2014. What is  NCIDC's schedule to complete construction drawings and bid phase 1B to obtain hard construction numbers? This is a requirement to close NMTC financing.

Our goal is to be ready to start construction in the fall (2014). We are working on getting aspects of the pre-construction work completed now so that we will be ready, with a general contractor hired and ready to start in the fall.


4. Are the NEPA and CEQA environmental documents for phase 1B of the project completed? What is the schedule for the architectural plans to be approved by SHPO and National Park Service as per NEPA? As per NEPA, will any tenants need to be relocated during construction? Is a Relocation Plan completed or necessary?

We have been working with SHPO and the National Parks Service (NPS) to do the NEPA review. They worked on Phase 1A and understand that there is a second phase to the project. We also worked with our architects and engineers to make sure that we could get the documentation to SHPO and NPS in adequate time for them to review. We can go to SHPO and NPS with design development drawings and continue to work with them as we complete the construction documents.

We have a relocation consultant on board and he will complete the second phase plan when we get closer to having the plans complete. He worked with us on Phase 1A and is still under contract for Phase 1B.


5. The RFP states that we must follow "the format established within this document".  Does this mean that we should respond to the Submission Requirements in the specific order as listed in items a. through l. on page 7 under Submission Requirements or can we feel free to format and organize our response as we feel most appropriate so along as we provide all of the information identified in the Submission Requirements somewhere within the proposal?  

It would be easier for us if you followed the prescribed format but if you have a standard format that is easy to follow we don’t have a problem using yours. Just make sure that all the topics that were outlined in the RFP are easily identified.


6. Do you want us to restate or elaborate on the Scope of Services to be provided or are these just presumed as adequately defining the scope of services with no need for further explanation?

If you would provide the Scope of Services you will provide that will be adequate, which might be reiterating the list if that is what you will do. If we left something out that you see as essential to the success of the project we would very much like to see that included.